Private Reiki with Crystal Bowl Sound Vibrations

with Susan Malo and Doug Yaeger

Saturday, January 13th 

About Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese healing modality which focuses on the energetic body within all beings. Rei is a Japanese word which means “Universal Life’ and Ki which means “Energy”. Reiki can help to move energy and clear blockages, enhancing the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Reiki works with you to help you restore your energetic balance. During the session you will remain fully clothed as you lie down or sit in a comfortable position. The Reiki session can be done with or without physical touch, client’s choice.

About Crystal Bowl Sound Vibrations
All of the cells in our bodies receive and respond to vibrational energy fields. The speed or rate of the
vibrations is the frequency. The ideal frequency at which an object naturally vibrates is its resonance. Crystalline elements of quartz crystals are present within our bodies. Generating resonant sounds from Crystal Bowls, Doug will create sound vibrations at frequencies that resonate at the same frequencies as the crystalline structures within our body.

This combination of Reiki and Crystal Bowl Sound Vibration will provide a relaxing and unique experience. 

About the Hosts
Susan is a Reiki Master trained in the Usui Reiki Lineage. Susan has personal experience with Reiki as a healing modality and is happy to offer Reiki to others.

Doug Yaeger is a Certified Sound Healer and Professional Musician. Doug has spent recent years utilizing Gongs, Himalayan Bowls, Crystal Bowls, and other instruments to enhance Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, and Qigong sessions.

Cost: $75 (tax included) per 45 minute session
Second Saturday of every month

Appointments times:

*Please note, the door will be locked until 10 minutes prior to appointment time.*

Additional appointment times available upon request. 

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